Is it normal that I feel lonely even after having so many people around me…
like I completed my graduation and i got into my job where every person is above 30 and i m only 22 so it’s like new place new people and no friends I don’t feel i will survive like this for long because even on social media none talks to me like my group of friends during graduation even they don’t reply to my texts I don’t know what to do

(Bad quality of me: Im dammm talkative like i loose track over time while talking to anyone i want to know always what and how people think of any topic soo i think that this reason why they don’t reply me but I know I don’t talk shit i

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It’s easier to doubt yourself cause of certain people’s behaviour… but difficult to love yourself unconditionally… i know it’s difficult to stay lonely or on your own and I understand the need to feel involved
Just a request don’t doubt yourself… things will change… I don’t know when but it will

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feeling lonely....... anyone wanna connect?
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