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Is it normal it be scared of moving out of my parents place to me in with my boyfriend in another state? Like I’m not ready for that but I’m ready to be with him idk what to do.

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It is completely normal to be afraid to move out of your parents house, especially if your going to move in with your bf that is a big step. Your leaving the comfort an safety of one home to start create your own, that is indeed scary and normal. However if your not ready to move to another state which is a very big commitment, don’t do it, if your feeling hesitation it’s for a reason. If they want to be with you they will wait for you to ready, and they will come up with a solution to make your relationship work regardless. Real love finds a way.


Thank you soo much that definitely calmed me down idk y im stressing about it now bc this won’t happen until October 2022 if im ready by then.

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