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Krish DN @broken_soul44

Is it just me or anyone feels like giving up at time
I don’t know why but…see i am having good friends and colleagues. But my family is just not normal. I feel like to leave everything thing behind and just disappear.
But this is just a random thought…everytime i think this and my mom dad appears in front of
me…what will they do if i go.
Even they don’t know that they are being toxic with me by showing love and care. I understand their love but at times I don’t want that. I need their support and shoul be available when i am tired mentally . They don’t know that they are the reason behind my anxiety and under confidence.
Just showing love isn’t enough. I wish they would’ve understood me instead of loving me.

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Joy @joyforlife

Bro. Why don’t you take it so negatively? Feel blessed that you have q caring family. Just try to go with that. Believe me it’s a blessing not curse.

Krish DN @broken_soul44

It is a blessing. Agreed. I am grateful.
But you know sometimes you just need to be understood. That’s it. Thier love is like a wing, but they are not allowing me to fly.

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Joy @joyforlife

Just don’t think too much. Start deciding things by yourself and then tell them. They will understand.
Parents stop spoon feeding only when they know you’re capable now. 🙂


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