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Is it bad to reject a “gift”? I’m in a situation where this person is making me feel like im in debt with them for “everything they’ve done for me” they kept brining up everything they’ve done for me to make me feel bad and tell me im ungrateful and selfish but the thing is i never asked for any of it, I never wanted it, I’ve always told them in advance i didn’t want that, how does not wanting something bc i simply don’t like it makes me ungrateful and how dare they say they did it for me and act as if they ever cared when they never once listent to me and what i really wanted + doesn’t one do things for others without expecting anything in return, when i care for someone and i love them and want to do something for them i never do it thinking ill get anything back so i’d never say something like “You have to do this cuz i did that for you” i think that’s what’s actually selfish? am i wrong?

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Prajapati @shaluindia

Keep calm by keeping your trust in life. Things go wrong, people leave, and losses happen. Life doesn’t always go your way. Accept it as a part of life, look for a solution, ask for support, and have faith. Life may bring many different situations. If you keep calm and strong, you will get through with much ease.

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imbecile @v12

No you are not wrong!


You r right
If you do something for someone then don’t expect anything in return
That’s true
Don’t lose your calm
Simply have conversations with them about that particular topic
And solve it


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