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Is having a good connection with ex wrong?

5 replies

I don’t think so nah-uh…
Just don’t let the relationship ruin a good friendship…
If you friends you friends

Aashima Sharma @aashima

Not at all! PLEASE NORMALISE Having a normal healthy friendly relation with your ex🤌🏻


If you had good connection why they’re Ex now and it maybe fine but there are chances to get connected to them much and struggle later

And i think you can’t accept a person as friend or something after you’ve in a relationship with them so there are chances to get attached to that person again

Better avoid if possible we have 130crore population.

Chaudhary @shivamhahaha

Don’t see it with a lense of wrong or right but could ask it if he or she is comfortable in it or not. He or she knows you better so you guys turned out to a trustworthy friends for each other.


I can see changes in him…he had a bad phase back then…but i really could use a friend now…abd he is really supportive

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