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Is a live-in relationship good or bad?

5 replies

Afreen @afreen

It is the best thing ever.
When you are in a live-in you get to know the person deeply.
When you are dating anyone and the relationship is damn fresh you and your partner are only showing your best side of yourself.
Why do people break up ?
It is when you show your real self.


Living together before marriage has wider implications for a relationship. Living partners get enough time to know each other well and take a well informed decision about getting married or heading for break up without further expectations.

Chhavi @chhavi

If you see a future then go for it. Trust the person. Otherwise you know the answer.


Hey! It completely depends on your choice. It’s your decision and you have to take it and be at peace with it! It’s not about being good or bad but about how comfortable you are with a live-in relationship :) I personally wouldn’t mind a live-in relationship, provided I know my partner well enough and trust him/her enough :)


It is what you want it to be .

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