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Introducing myself
Hi, I’m Daisy. And I’m 16. It’s not my real name, but my online alias. Don’t worry I’m used to getting called worse. 🙂

So, let me explain why I came to find this website.

Lately, I’ve been struggling. Struggling? That seems weird to admit. Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable around anyone but my close friends and my boyfriend. I don’t like home, I don’t like family’s houses. I don’t like school. Nowhere.

To most, my life may look great “loving, supportive” parents. Wonderful friends and boyfriend. Well, that sounds dramatic and stupid. But I feel so bad and overwhelmed at home.

The reason why:
At home, I get hit, punched, kicked, screamed at, sexually harassed and am practically a slave. I get sexually harassed by my Step-Father. Wow, cliche, am I right? He touches my buttocks and breasts. This includes in front of my mother, who doesn’t care and supports/encourages it. My brothers have started hitting me as well because they see my Step-Father doing it. So that leads them to believe it’s alright. He also hits me and calls me a whore, a slut amongst other things. He tugs at my clothes and tries to take them off of me “as a joke”. This lets him get away with it. I get screamed at to do all of the cleaning up and to look after my brothers. This may seem like an overdramatisation but it’s not. My phone is heavily monitored and I am only allowed it at certain times. If I get a grade lower than a B I get screamed at which wouldn’t be that hard if I wasn’t in all the smart classes. I’m not allowed to go anywhere but the house apart from school. (Even before Corona).

My Parentals as I call them. They don’t understand my anxiety and depression. They also put me on anti-depressants without me knowing. (They said it would help my anxiety).

I have been molested many times by different people. Such as family, friends of a friend. My parentals refer to it as “not that bad”.

My boyfriend has helped me through those. He is wonderful. ❤️

I guess I’ll end it here so that it isn’t too long. I will post more later though.

Thanks for reading,
Daisy <3

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Profile picture for Now&amp;Me member @daisyfrmreddit
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Sumit @0367

Dear Daisy what are you going through is unbearable to listen I don’t know how you are facing… And the most important why you have not taken any action against all.your don’t mentioned about your father is he alive?
First of all Lodge a complaint against your family. Because if don’t do that and leave the house. They lodge a f. I. R against you. And you live nowhere with peace.first you put them behind the bar for what they have done to you. They deserve this.then you leave the place.


Dear daisy Your seem like one of strongest people out there to be able to survive all this.
I’m creating a book filled with stories such as this real stories by real people it’s so people can understand they’re not alone when it comes to situations like this and people who don’t believe in or don’t know much about mental health or situations like this could learn more I would like to ask for your permission to use your story in the book it will remain anonymous if you’re not ok with it pls let me know I won’t use it and if you are pls let me know as well

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Yea, for sure. If you need anything feel free to ask.


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