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** insecure**

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Kriti @quintessentialchaos

Hey, don’t worry! There are numerous things which make us feel insecure about ourselves. And there are numerous others which empower us. Start with simple goals, like eating two or three times a day, sleeping 8 hours a day, maintaining basic personal hygiene. Celebrate these by rewarding yourself, you’ll be inculcating self-applied positive reinforcement. Then slowly try to expand your tasks. I’m sure you’ll overcome this. I’m with you and I’m listening. We live in a big world and you’re not alone in this. :))))


What is one thing you really like about yourself. Compare it with others who can’t do the same, who don’t empathize the way you do, or the way you dress, or the way you make people feel.

You’ll see how much better you are than others and modest enough to write that you are insecure about something because you are a good honest person!

You are a good person and most of the people should be happy to be around you!


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