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random @thelostone

In your eyes, I can find
The never fading scars
Of what you have been through
What I put you through,
Every time I look at you
I hate me
A little more
For what I did to you,
Your pictures remind me
Of how terrible I can be
As a person
As a friend
As your zone of comfort
Which I wanted to be,
The way I broke you
I think some parts of you
Stayed in me
Making me feel regret
The guilt of being me,
It doesn’t matter if I didn’t want to
Or did it unintentionally
I did it in the worst way possible
And on the worst day, it could be,
I don’t ever expect you to forgive
I know I wouldn’t to me
Maybe got what I deserved
Never again getting to be me.

You were a part of me
In ways, you maybe never knew
A lot of my courage and wisdom
Came from you,
It was never really me
My confidence was given by you
I’m proud of you
Every time you said to me,
Ik I never told you all this
When we talked regularly,
Distance teaches us
The value of our friendship
I can never now disagree
So tonight I write to you this letter
Which I never really want you to read.

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