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Aanchal @aanchalchauhan

in today"s era where everyone is high on conformity ,desperate about appeasing others , trying to be their “ideal self” , where is the rawness , genuine and originility? Why can’t we be just happy by being " just us". We are continuously reminded of our flaws when we are told that " we ve to be the best " ,"we ve to be happy " and suddenly one day we find ourselves standing in front of our mirror and constantly chanting “I’m happy” “I am beautiful” . But why can’t we be just sad or ugly ? Isn’t sadness one of the basic human emotions or being ugly isn’t ok? And we ve internalise the concept of the 'Perfect beauty " to the extent that we feel we are no better ,we are flawed. But aren’t 't our flaws that makes us beautiful because those very flaws are unique in us that makes us different from others.

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Jahnvi Kumar @jahnvikumar

Sadness is a basic human emotion and it is okay to feel that way but nobody likes being sad, you got to get up and change whatever it is that makes you sad. It is also completely okay to have different perceptions about beauty. I think everyone is beautiful and there is no such human as ugly, just different perspectives.


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