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In this toxic world we dwell,
Where darkness casts its wicked spell,
A poisoned air, a tainted sky,
A reflection of the world gone awry.

Deception lurks in every corner,
Trust shattered, hearts mourn her,
Words of venom, daggers thrown,
A world in chaos, all alone.

But amidst this darkness, a glimmer of light,
Hope that shines through the darkest night,
Together we rise, united we stand,
To heal the wounds, hand in hand.

Let love be the antidote we seek,
To mend the broken, the weary and weak,
In this poisoned world, let kindness bloom,
And reclaim our world from impending doom.

Remember, my friend, thereโ€™s always hope,
To navigate this world, learn to cope,
With love, compassion, and strength untold,
Weโ€™ll create a world where hearts can unfold.


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anuj @anujvohra


Hopeโ€ฆit is!


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