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In this practical cool modern era

I feel am not fit to love someone or to be loved by someone because am totally opposite of the trend

*I don’t 🍻 or sm 0 ke
*I never dated someone in real life
*Had only 1 relationship which was totally a long distance relationship
*Have Old school thinking

Demands or wish

What doesn’t matter to me
* Height
* Any materialistic factors
*outer beauty

From love I mean someone who can love truly purely genuine and who will take it to marriage

Is it too much to expect in this era of cool people

Am I not fit to love because of being emotional

Am so emotional that I just want one single special soul for my life.

Slowly slowly am losing hope of getting one , feeling so lonely and exhausted in the process of finding one special person for life

Everyone just comes, and then disappear by making some excuses, tired of this play which people do in name of love

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande


I can sense the confusion and complexity you’re navigating in this situation. It’s completely normal to feel torn between your initial connection and the red flags that have surfaced. Your emotions matter, and it’s okay to prioritize your well-being. Relationships often come with challenges, and your feelings are valid.

It’s important to acknowledge that your expectations might differ from the current trends, and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone’s journey is unique. Creating a list to distinguish between your priorities and less critical aspects might offer some clarity. Remember, it’s okay to hold onto the things that truly matter to your heart.

Wishing you strength and understanding,
take care
Psychologist Bhavna Pande


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