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Yokshit Karda @yoku2345

In the quiet of his kitchen, Yokshit stood with his mother’s phone in hand, scrolling through TikTok videos absentmindedly. It was in that serendipitous moment that he stumbled upon a video unlike any other. The video featured a girl named Palak, her radiant smile lighting up the screen as she shared snippets of her life. Palak, residing in the US, seemed to embody a distant yet captivating presence. Yokshit found himself captivated by her, an instant connection forged through the virtual world.

Over the following three years, the intensity of those feelings waned, gradually transforming into distant memories. As the time turned to August 2023, Yokshit’s world took an unexpected turn. Scrolling through Instagram, he stumbled upon a profile bearing an uncanny resemblance to Palak — a girl named Anushka from Mumbai. The shock hit him like a tidal wave, stirring a perplexing sadness within.

Both Palak and Anushka lived far away, seemingly unreachable and unaware of Yokshit’s existence. Questions swirled in his mind: Was he still in love with Palak, or was it the memory of her that tugged at his heartstrings? The resemblance brought back a flood of emotions, leaving him pondering why he still carried those feelings after years of separation from that beautiful face. Amidst the passing of time, the enduring echoes of that brief online connection raised more questions than answers, reminding Yokshit that the complexities of the heart can sometimes transcend the boundaries of time and reason.

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