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In the labyrinth of emotions, there exists a chamber where sorrow reigns supreme, where the walls resonate with the anguished cries of a heart besieged by the relentless onslaught of doubt and fear. Each heartbeat is a heavy burden, a reminder of the fragility of trust, as it pulses with a desperate plea for understanding, for solace in a world fraught with misunderstanding. With each passing moment, the weight of unspoken words grows heavier, dragging the spirit deeper into the abyss of despair. It’s as though every breath is a battle, fought against the suffocating grip of loneliness and the incessant ache of longing for connection. The tendrils of sorrow wrap themselves around the soul, constricting its very essence with a merciless grip, leaving it gasping for air amidst the suffocating silence. Every memory becomes a dagger, piercing through the fragile facade of resilience, leaving behind scars that bleed with the rawness of unhealed wounds. In the recesses of the heart, there exists a wellspring of pain, where tears flow freely and hope withers away beneath the weight of unspoken fears. It is a place where the shadows of regret dance with the ghosts of shattered dreams, and where the only solace to be found is in the embrace of darkness.

My heart just scream STOP IT!!!

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