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In the highest lows of my life, from job, family to love life.
Everyone around me is either diapering or has to move somewhere.
But the thing which is hurting me the most is my peaceful space, my companion being so lost to lose us. he says he is not able to, he says he loves me, he cares, he does show it, but in the clouded mind of his he is just not able to give any efforts into this, he has lost his hope that he is even the one for me and just feeling bad about the things he couldn’t do.
called it a breakup but we don’t seem to do anything else, I don’t, everything relies on me and I have zero power to work upon anything due to this. but all I am doing is yearning and trying to get him.
I tried so many times that we could meet and smooth things out, he says he is not courageous enough to come and face me, what about the fact that i love him above that and all this is hurting me more? he got a job abroad and he might also leave without meeting me in this state of mind of his, he bid his goodbyes to everyone, meeting and preparing for every stuff he can but i will be without that meeting, with those unfinished dreams which I saw with him and he is gonna go, with his disturbed state of mind, I don’t expect much, I do want to help him, but shouldn’t he see how much all this will hurt me?
How will I live? I can’t see him like this nor I can see myself like this, I am just not able to do anything.

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