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In recent times I have found out that I am not meant to have happiness. Anything I touch is turning into dust. Anyone I cared about has left me or had made distant. I have no road to walk on & unable to see what life had for me in future.

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Sourav @stevesen

Let life to decide what it has stored for you many people comes into our live very few stays for you maybe the numbers are less but if you close door nobody will come forget the part of staying , leave the door open my friend if you feel lonely don’t worry we all are at some point if you wanna talk I’m here to listen

Vijay @thomasshelby23

Why do you care about others,no need to care they have others to care just care about yourself start going out without company


We all know it’s not that easy to stop caring about people. If we have a pet in house attachment happens. And a person like me who value relations over anything , gets stabbed & being cheated upon is what hurts alot.


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