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Gurpreet Singh @fugitive

In my session of therapy last week, one thing I learned is that no one is permanent. You cannot expect anyone to stay forever, to be with you, to love you and to understand you. Every relation and friendship has a time. And once that time comes, you can either bid good byes and remember each other with smiles and laughs or you can elongate and create misunderstandings and ruin the good part.

Letting go is never easy, but what is easy afterall? People will come and go, you are only responsible for your smiles and tears.

Love. Peace. Faith.

Gurpreet Singh

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Max @generalllyepic


No one is permanent, but it’s important to keep the important people in your life. Yea some people are fun or cool to hang out with, but most of those will only care about their own goals and see you as a comfortable cushion for their goals. Keep those who stand next to you, shoulder to shoulder, ready to tackle the problem in front. They are your strongest allies that will last through time. Good luck to you man.

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Gurpreet Singh @fugitive


Thank you


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