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In my last few posts i have mentioned about the guy who i love!!
Now m in a situation where i am just unable to decide what is infront of me!!
I loved this guys one sidedly for 3 years and after 3 years he said he dnt have the feeling for love but he likes me and if his family agree’s he will marry me!!
So we spoke to his family and ast first i thought they are not going to agree but they agreed!
Later they said they want dowry for which my parents have agreed whatsoever but now we reaslised that the amount that is needed is not possible to be arranged in span of 1 year!!
I spoke to the guy but he says he can’t speak to his family in this matter as he has given the option to his family to decide for the girl as in his past he had made few mistakes!!
Now the option is to get the money in the time of 1 year or i should forget about the guy and the marriage.

That guy is in position where he dnt want to become a bad son and neither wants to compromise in anything!!! I feel like i am making all the efforts to get him in my life but if anything goes negative then he is even ready to get married with the girl whom their family will select.

I dnt want my family to suffer as on there pain i can’t build my marriage life…and i dnt even want to miss the guy who i love so much!!


Post anonymously?

You should reconsider your marriage decision. If the guy is not able to take stand in his most important decision of life later on he might refrain from many situations and blame you as if you wanted all of it and not him.

Save the money when you can and avoid the pain and suffering of your family. I know you love him but if you can sacrifice now you’ll not only help and save yourself from toxic marriage but also avoid suffering for your family.

At times, in love staying apart is the best viable solution. Anyway, it’s one sided the guy & his family is at win-win situation.

Are you willing to pay dowry at what cost? It is not only criminal offense to demand it but also wrong to accept the demand.

Hope you’ll take the right decision.


Yes, you are very true in this matter and i ll never want my family to suffer at any cost!! So i have taken the decision to leave my love but i just can’t overcome from imagining him with someone other and not being with him


That is difficult but it will be at ease with passing time. Every time you miss him remind yourself why you did it.

It will help you to calm down.