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In my friend circle everyone one have phones except 1 of them.One of my friend she is pretty rich she’s got the latest iPhone, second one’s not rich but her father sended my her sister to a trip she was sad that she didn’t went but her father got her a iPhone instead and the girl who didn’t have phone texted me from her mom’s number that she got iPhone. I was so happy for her but sad for my self because I don’t have iPhone in our country iPhone only rich can afford but i also want but we can’t afford im so sad im crying crying and crying. I need IPhone😫😔

Post anonymously?

Does Show off and materialistic thing works on you? Or you also want to show them that I got an iPhone too?
Earn that iPhone by doing something if you feel you can’t afford it. When you achieve something big, you can request your parents one as a gift. But, you must know anything about this doesn’t work.

If you keep comparing things like these, you will never be happy in life and it could become a problem in your friendship which could lead to inferiority and jealousy.


It’s okay not to have an iPhone. Honestly the people you just referred aren’t rich, they are just like you ( and many of us). Had a dog be born with a silver spoon, even it would have an iPhone. Just keep it in mind… Work hard, finish your education, you can buy all of the Apple accessories you want… Be patient…