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In my college, i and other 2 girls were friends… let’s name them x and y … i donno if y is kinda jelaous me being with x … but i loved and treated both of them equally… i and x both left old group of friends to sit with y in class… but y never valued me … she said things about me to my very close friends and never confronted me with her issue with me… I never knew she felt left out because of me… she told each and everyone that i left her during one particular time … bt i always cared for her… now everyone started feeling that im bad and left her n all … it really hurts me.even now she isnt caring about me but is so good with x … i feel bad … even though i never did wrong with her… how can i overcome this

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First of all, you could try clarifying it with y (like, you could be the bigger person).
And after that, it could probably go two ways:
- 1) maybe you have a genuine conversation and she actually reveals what is up with her and then you can sort it out
- 2) you figure out that she is just being manipulative

If it’s the second option, then you should just let it be, you don’t need to clarify anything to anyone, and you do not need people who don’t understand or trust you. You don’t owe anybody any explanation, all you really can do is try. It might be easier said than done. It is hard to let go of people, but you have to just try to factor in, who is real, who is trustworthy and who is not. And then you need to eliminate the toxic people in your life.


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