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In life’s vast expanse, two paths unfurl,
One tempts with ease, the other, the swirl.
Each situation, a crossroad revealed,
To learn and to grow, or surrender and yield.

The path of learning, a winding trail,
Filled with challenges that make us prevail.
Every stumble, a lesson to heed,
Every setback, a chance to exceed.

Yet, the path of surrender, easy and wide,
Promises comfort, but leaves dreams untied.
It whispers of rest, of burdens released,
But in its embrace, ambitions decreased.

So when faced with choices, daunting and stark,
Let courage ignite, like a flame in the dark.
Embrace the challenge, the struggle, the strife,
For in the pursuit of knowledge lies life.

Every situation, a chance to decide,
To learn and to grow, or to step aside.
Choose the path of wisdom, refuse to give in,
For in the journey of learning, true victory begins.

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