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No one 111 @jarul

in informercial Did your ex boyfriend hurt you? Did you block him? Do you suddenly feel the urge to unblock him? Do you want to tell him exactly how he hurt you, because maybe he doesn’t and you want him to know so YOU can get closure? But you kinda know you want to makeout with him again and no one else will do but him, it has to be him specifically, because he does that thing with his tongue? But only after he knows how he hurt you? sparkle tring music Well you’re in luck becaaaauuusee: He knows. He knows exactly how he hurt you, seriously sis he knows it down to the temperature of his room at the exact time of the exact date, he knows exactly how he hurt you and why it bothered you. He doesn’t want forgiveness he wants the thrussy. Also so do you, you don’t want to know what you did wrong, you want the vitamin D, smoosh booties. And that thing that only he does? Everyone can be taught to do it, it was in cosmopolitan, 2013 every month. And you think only he can fill that void but not really. Because he suddenly won’t feel great after that kiss or oral session, and it’s not because he’s changed but because you’ve changed, you can see clearly nowww the world’s soooo bright. You want closure? Sign the deed on high yield bonds. Because it probably took him a week to get over it, it should take you no more than a shower. You ARE THE PRIZE. Don’t unblock him, don’t text him and don’t kiss him. Just don’t.

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Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Loving each and every word.


Guess who isn’t ever going to text their ex again


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