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In fields of gold, where sunbeams play,
Happiness dances, night and day.
It’s in the laughter of a child’s delight,
And in the stars that shine so bright.

It whispers softly in the breeze,
And blooms within the heart’s deep seas.
It’s found in friendships, strong and true,
In moments shared, old and new.

It paints the sky with colors bold,
Turning silver into precious gold.
In simple joys, it takes its stand,
A beacon bright in every land.

Though shadows may sometimes appear,
Happiness persists, banishing fear.
For in the depths of every soul,
Lies the key to make it whole.

So let us cherish, let us find,
The happiness that’s intertwined.
In every moment, big or small,
It’s there to catch us when we fall.

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Life of Me! @zippy_potato_...

So beautiful poem. It really gives hope that life will be beautiful one day!

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🍻 @wandering_guy

Hahaha! Life is beautiful…everything is about perspective 😂✌️


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