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In continuation of the homosexuality talk, I told my friends to not tell anyone about it. I’ve been questioning it since I was about 9, and am still questioning it because I’m my thoughts, I wouldn’t mind dating a girl or someone with another gender. Eli told me I should tell my boyfriend and figure out if he would still love me even if that’s the path I choose. But I told Eli that I don’t want to know his reaction just yet in case it does end abruptly. How would u solve this??

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Hey, from what I understand, the question is whether or not to tell your boyfriend right? I think the start of any good relationship should not be with secrets so you should definitely be open about how you feel in your preferences or choices. BUT, sometimes you can’t just have information-overloaded on to the other person because it might be a lot to process for them. You can decide when the time is appropriate to bring it up. If this is THAT important to you, then you must communicate it to your significant other, because true love is understanding ❀️


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