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In an interview, Janvhi Kapoor quotes “nowadays intimacy is so easily available that, it’s easy for people to find it when they need to and they at the same time , get intimidated by it, which never lets them form any real connection with people”
And I guess she was pretty much right about this.
Relationships these days are like Instagram reels. You come across one … groove to it for a couple of days and start hating it eventually… while Instagram is ready to show you a new reel.

We humans haven’t changed much at heart. We still want that ‘Aankhon Mai Teri’ moment to strike us … but rather, in a rush.

The modern era has made us so time conscious that we no longer wait to appreciate things at it core, rather see it peripherally and excuse ourselves from the putting in any real effort. The cycle goes on. And the never ending hunt to find a true connection stays forever. No wonder why we love those GVM movie characters. We never wait until we find one for ourselves✨

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