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Imagine you were given the power to control one element of nature (fire, water, air, earth) but had to give up one of your five senses in return. Which element would you choose to control, and which sense would you sacrifice?

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Why do u ask, are you the choosen one?😂jk


Accha aise bhi log h yahan


Agar Earth control kr ske toh gazab hi baat hai.
Air control ho jaaye toh maze hi aa jaye.
Water control krlo, toh ek dum filmy feel aayegi, se_xy
Fire control mtlb I can control the mostly fundamental discovery…

Uhm, I’ll go with Earth, as I’ll be able to control both Earth & Water. And Can do anything I want here. Basically controlling Nature. It’s hella powerful.

Okay tough question now, have to give up smth…
Uhm… Aankhein toh zaruri h, wrna power lekr bhi kya hi hoga…
Sunna toh h hi, wrna Nature ki power feel nhi ho payegi.
Smell is important as well…
Touch bhi zaruri h, wrna kab kaha kya ho jaye pta hi nhi chalega
Taste toh bht hi zaruri h. Atyant.

Okay I might chose b/w Smell & Taste. Q ki taste is a very negative trait. Mtlb firr I can eat all the healthy food and everything. Lekin my food desires will go away.
Smell se life itni buri nhi banegi, although smell is very much attached to taste.
Ahhh, kya kru, kya kru…
Okay, I’ll leave Smell. Sorry brother.


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