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I’m very upset, I think I should not born instead of my father I should die. bcuz the problems & difficulties I’m facing from childhood, I don’t wanna live anymore I don’t wanna be a burden to anyone. Sometimes I think I should kill myself but later I realise I have live for my mother.
I tried many times to forgot the failure, problems and difficulties wich I’m facing but I can’t. Living a life without after the death of father is too hard
But still I’m trying to do good things just for the sake of my mother I wanna be a good daughter for her whom she proud I hope my Allah will help me

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Hi brother don’t worry everything will be alright because let me tell you about myself my father died because of sucide when I was 13 years and my mother raised me and at the age of 18 my mother got hospitalized because of health issues and no one came but she became well and again after 3 yrs she got hospitalized because of infection and also no one came and i alone handled don’t worry today situation can be tomorrow blessings the problem you are facing now will make the character


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