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Me @modest_peanut

I’m very shy if it comes to talking with girls, I’m 21 and whenever a girl passes by I shy away to look at her. Even when some girl approached me, I tend to open my mouth for long, and they think I’m flirting. I maintain distance with women for photos or in public transport. How to improve?

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I used to feel like this for boys… just think abt them as ur friend. Talk to a girl if she is approaching you… I know u vl not like to make any girl uncomfortable. Just be comfortable with urself, slowly u vl improve.

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Gitanjana @gitanjana_paul_choudhury


Improving social interactions takes time. Start small by making eye contact and offering a friendly smile. Practice casual conversations with friends to build confidence. Gradually expose yourself to more social situations. Remember, it’s okay to be nervous, and with practice, your comfort will grow.😄


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