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I’m trying to fight this anxiety that I’ve kived with for so long. Positivity is something I’m trying to introduce into my life, and I know the judgment of others are a projection of how they feel about themselves…but their words still hurt me…especially when im trying my best…Im working in a field I dont want to stay in…yet I try very hard to do my best and it’s a job…I try to be happy and positive…yet none of this matters perhaps even stiil to some who tell literally im not good at my job…i still dont know where I want to go…and networking is hard when it seems noone wants to help me…I feel sick to my stomach and head from work most times cause the opinions of others affects me so much i think about it all day most times…it makes me want to quit even though i dont or wont until i find something better…people always say no job is perfect so it makes me even more scared to leave…it just really makes me anxious when i feel i try my best but my best is never good enough for some people…and they mock me to my face.

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