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I’m trying to come out of a relationship. The person really doesn’t want me to be in his life anymore. It hurts but I think that it’s good to stay away from that person. I focused on my career to cross the difficult times. Now, I have plethora of ways to enhance my skills as I’m studying in a coveted institution.

Sometimes, I’m getting reminded of my past relationship and I tend to text him. He ignores me as much as possible. It pains. It hurts. I hate myself for losing my self respect in front of him.

There is a huge void in my life. I don’t know how to express it. I make myself happy by talking to my friends and family. But only I know that my smile is artificial and my life is incomplete. A deep sorrow which is difficult to express is stuck in my throat. I’m unable to swallow it.

I don’t know what I should do to overcome this. I don’t know how I will fill this void. I don’t know how I will completely forget him. If anyone can understand my pain, please suggest me solutions for my problems. Thanks for reading my message :)

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Completely understand what you are going through. Maybe delete his number so that you won’t end up texting him, otherwise you will be stuck in a loop. Spend some time in nature, meditate find a new hobby you will be distracted and forget about the relationship for a while.

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Avtar @avtar

No need to forget your past, bt yes you should give a chance to yourself.
“Dunia ch esa ki h jo insan kar nahi skda lakin oh krda nahi”

In simple word fear factor we didn’t allow ourself to think broadly we always tried to through our actions to restrict our thoughts just bcoz of fear factor or our comfort zone.

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