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I’m totally stuck between choosing a career with great money but no meaningful work for society and choosing a career with a little money but meaningful work. It’s difficult because my parents have been spending more than their capacity to give me education. I have to get a good job within atleast 3-4 years… we have been facing financial issues since a lot of years and it can only be solved once I get a proper income. What should I do? I don’t want to do such work which does not bring any good to the society but then I will have to take that path because I can’t see my family suffer anymore due to financial position. Can anybody advise me? It’s so confusing. :(

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I think you can choose both, I mean you can pursue the job that can help you to be financially stable at the same time you can do some work which can help the society. Family comes first, always. It’s just my opinion :)


Hi Amigo,

Lemme tell you a story. Just after my Graduation, I worked for a company that Ranked second in my country in terms of Annual Revenue Generation. I was excited as hell. It gave me a real sense of achievement when I got the offer. I drowned myself in booze and chicken that day. My salary was one of the highest in my batch. My parents were boasting about the success of their offspring in the entire locality. It was an achievement for them as well. I joined the company in July, 2015. By January, 2016 I was bored to hell. All my happiness and orgasmic feelings vanished entirely. Reason? I was not doing any meaningful work.

I worked in a petrochemical Industry. I was an internal consultant to the company who assisted the plants on taking care of the machines. Basically I was a mechanical asset maintenance manager. If any machine malfunctioned, the company incurred huge losses due to downturn. If the machines ran fine, the company would make enough profits to start another business and the CEO would buy the most expensive diamond or a Lamborghini for his Spouse. So basically all my effort was going towards making rich people more rich. Often when I was alone in my room, I used to switch off the light and think “Will god ever forgive me? I am doing no meaningful work. I am wasting all my talent god has given me. I even had nightmares of devil frying me in hot oil in hell for not doing any meaningful work.” I used to curse myself. Slowly I lost confidence and self esteem.

Then one day something happened. The janitors union in the company went on for a strike, demanding higher wages. The management was not willing to bow down to their demands and planned to hire another set of janitors and replace the old ones. But hiring takes time. It was about 4 days since the toilets were not cleaned. All the managers, general managers, VPs, and workers were getting pissed of because of the foul smell. One of the plant manager, who was very critical about hygiene was so pissed off that he refused to go to the plant and work unless the toilets were cleaned. It was Wednesday and as a part of regular maintenance routine the manager was supposed to check all the electrical switches (known as relays) in the power station. He skipped it because he was pissed off.

March 2016, 2:30 am I was sleeping in my room and dreaming of having sex with my ex-girlfriend. I got an unexpected call from my plant command was “We have sent you a car, come to office as soon as possible.” Even before I could ask why, the caller hanged the phone. I hurriedly woke up got ready and reached office. I literally died out of shock to see what has happened. It was a huge fire and around 18 people died and 70 were injured. There was panic all around. Burns, blood, scream, ambulence sirens and cries is all what I could see and hear. I was so afraid that I couldn’t hold my tears and cried screaming at the top of my voice. The panic and fire was brought under control in about 10 hours. There was helplessness and fear in people’s faces. Later on it was found that it happened beacuse one of the relays in the power station got tripped. The incident led to the following implications

1. The plants were shutdown for 20 days for maintenance and company incurred loss of around 90 million dollars.
2. 27 people lost their lives and over 100 got injured.
3. Share prices went down and 1000s of people incurred losses.
4. To recover costs the company fired 53 employees and reduced salaries of another 300 employees.
5. The company had to shut down it’s other small businesses to recover costs and it led to unemployment of around 300-400 people.

And the reason for all this…? The manager who didn’t do his job properly. Period. I learn’t several lessons that day. Those are as follows:

1. You never know how important you are unless god shows you. Try to see your importance in the smallest things you do.
2. A small mistake by a small person may have a huge impact which is beyond comprehension. So whatever work you do like a army personnel.

Now coming to your question. I would sugget you to do 2 things:

1. Join the job that pays you more. Because your home is also the part of society. Serving the society starts by serving your home.
2. Find your importance in your job. When you will look beyond your cubicle you would find how you are actually impacting the society and humankind. Cherish that importance of yours, because YOU MATTER.
3. So something for the society which is inline with the interest you currently have. It will give you satisfaction and at the same time build skills required for the job. It can be working for NGO, Teaching, blogging, media anything that is related to your passion. This will help you serve in a better way to your cause if later you switch to it.
4. Lastly make a gradual transition from your job to your passion. Find ways of making money from your passion along with doing the meaningful work you want.
5. Always remember Serving the society starts by serving your home. If you forget this fact… Please ignore my answer and so whatever you want to.



Thankyou so much for patiently replying to my post. I definitely feel a little bit more clear now…The nowandme community is really a life saver. Thanks a ton🧡


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