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I’m told all the time that if I don’t get what I desire it means something better will come in, my question is what if nothing better came in and nothing is actually getting better? Is it just something to say to shut people up and make them feel better or?

I see people’s situations get better all the time just not in my case! So I’m feeling some type of way

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well, there’s no guarantee whether something better will come or not. i guess people just like to hold onto some sort of hope to keep going. but see, there’s one thing for sure: it’s not always good and it’s not always bad. life has a way to balance itself out. you’re being so bothered over things that are completely out of your control. let go of expectations, but have hope. it all starts with you so if you don’t see any hope for yourself, you best believe it’s going to continue feeling this way. so give time to yourself and allow yourself to feel everything at its rawest

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