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i’m tired of myself and god’s plan. Everytime i got into a trouble i just believe that God will help me out but instead of that the problem starts becoming more and more bigger. Idk why, sometimes it feels like he hates me so much feel like im the only person left in this world who is suffering so bad. He never helped me out still i’m believing that he will help me out but no he will not. He’s just enjoying the show from above seeing us all suffer. He is so cruel. This is not what I call a life this is a living hell for me.

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Hey just don’t blame it to god or anyone I know how you’ve been feeling but we can’t blame anyone and this is life it’s ok it’ll be ok in sometime don’t be harsh with yourself and take care


Hi, I’m very sorry you’re feeling that way. I often think about how hard the world is on so many of us. I’m not sure if it’s anyone’s place to give advice, but:
1- As Naval Ravikant says, learn to identify all external things that are creating hardships for you. However, take responsibility for your own life. I think that’s always helped me to steer.
2- please talk to others around you. Esp those who may have had other problems. Our present often seems like the only thing in our life. But, things do improve, with hope, work, and courage.
3- it’s always helped me to take out tiny moments for me, that are just for my own joy. Nowadays, just going for a walk, playing my fav album helps.


Thank you so much.


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