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โ€œIโ€™m tired of my daughterโ€™s attitude. She asks on why isnโ€™t she treated the same as her brother. How come it would be the same. She is a girl. She has to understand thisโ€.

I have seen this msg sent by my mom to a person (whom she met at a temple this Wednesday) in her WhatsApp when I was trying to search my name to send on pic to my number.

I know that my family doesnโ€™t like the way I ask questions but instead of talking to me, they talk to someone else. When I try to start a conversation, they say that Iโ€™m not supposed to ask or say anything. COME ONNN. ARE YOU KIDDINGGGG???

2 replies

First of all calm downโ€ฆ!!
Yaaa I know it hurts as being in an 21st century

But let for instant understand like yr parent has that habitโ€ฆmybe good or bad I canโ€™t justify

If they r not understanding then u try to understand ki yes my parents r like this and that canโ€™t be change
Try to speak yr problem with yr frds

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