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I’m tired of hurting inside so much. I want to hurt others who hurt me. Everything is against me. No one cares and it hurts. I’ve never found love I’m 27. I hate my family that have hurt me I want to hurt them. They shouldn’t be able to be happy when they’ve hurt me and made me feel like I have nothing to live for. Even my therapist doesn’t care. …she stares at her nails while I cry in sorrow and looks at time, as I usually am her last appointment of the day. I’ve only ever tried to contact her one time during a high hour of need and she didn’t even answer. I hate this damn town I live in…the apartment the landlords who are slumlords…I am their best Tennant they’ve told me but have raised my rent and be nearly kicked me out due to issues that another tenant has brought. And during a high time of need in my life that wasn’t the my fault such as the apartment getting pests and my car breaking down…my brother was so snobby and told me h we didn’t have to be help me even though I didn’t ask but paid him after he volunteered to and called me crazy knowing I have mental health issues suffering from PTSD of sexual abuse. I snapped on him and now have charges pending. This shit is crazy I’m tired of suffering for things that aren’t my fault to start with. I’m finding life too hard to cope with… I’ve never abused drugs or anything but It seems people who have are better . …and people who had it all have committed suicide .people I’ve looked up to…so me doing so wouldn’t be selfish cause none cared anyway. I’m tired of hurting so badly anyway.

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Ok it will be my pleasure to hear you and help you…


Thanks for taking time to reading and responding.

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Νικος @mickeyknox

I think that you expect too much from people.
No one is going to really care about you.
If you realize that your life will probably be easier.


Expect too much from people…I don’t expect to be treated like shit from supposed family. I would expect that my own family wouldn’t rape me. I wild expect that as long as I pay my rent that responsibilities would be up-kept. I would expect. I expect high things from myself, and others choose nott I meet them, they don’t deserve to be in my life. And it’s sad, because I only expect the bare minimum.


“No one”
So family shouldn’t care about one another?
Do the fellow now and me community, not care enough to add their inputs? Have you never cared about anyone but your self? That would be hypocritical.
I think this is a thoughtless response. Caring about someone and being able to fend and take care of myself are two different things. I don’t need anyone to do things for me.

Νικος @mickeyknox

And what did you do about that person who raped you?


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