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Ritu @anonymous123123

I’m tired of explaining myself to everyone. I’m a short tempered girl because of which I’ve said so many things to people,which was wrong. And I’m not denying anything. But every fuckin’word coming out of my mouth doesn’t have to do anything with me being short tempered. And most of the time,I am misunderstood. People think that I’m overreacting about being misunderstood but I feel hurt…
I’m losing a piece of mine every single time when people judge me just because I can’t control my anger and emotions well. I know people can have different views about anyone and anything but treating a person in a particular way just because you have a wrong notion about him/her is fucking wrong.
As a result of all this,I decidedd not to react at anything particular. I tried to hide in my own cocoon.
But the question is,did they change their views about me?
Answer-Absolute No!!!
They still think i overreact about every matter. They think, hiding in my own shell was also a consequence of my overreaction. I’m hurt and misunderstood. But I’m tired of explaining this to everyone.

I’m tired of explainations

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Girl, same. Not kidding, but I feel like the most misunderstood person in the world- with my friends, family, at work etc. I have a temper too but mostly I keep it controlled. I only show it with the people I love because I am close and comfortable with them but that is bad. People at work, my distant family, acquaintances etc think of me as a nice, sweet and polite girl (which I am too). People think of me as rebellious because I might have a different opinion. People think I don’t give a damn about other’s opinion because I have a temper. I absolutely do NOT have the patience to explain myself to people again and again and to the people who don’t get me. And I’m sure being a girl, people see you differently too when you’re different from the rest of the people.

Things I do that work- I just wish I could do this always.
I have started speaking my mind- always did but continued to do so and don’t feel so guilty about it. I’m never diplomatic, I prefer honesty and being honest. And I take a little effort in explaining myself. Most of the times, we agree to disagree. But sometimes, depending on how important the situation is, I make sure we all agree on the right thing.

Now having said that, I don’t speak my mind always. Being an introvert, I don’t speak unless spoken too or unless I feel like. When something is happening where I don’t agree with the discussion or somebody, I just shut up. If I don’t like the person, I don’t bother to prove my point. I don’t bother to argue or react. I don’t have the patience then to deal with person and make them see my point. It avoids the stress of proving someone wrong or justifying your stance if it is unnecessary. I just keep mum. I listen then. And I forget about it. Because it doesn’t matter or affect me. If it does, then you should speak up. If it doesn’t, to hell with it!

Don’t feel apologetic about your behaviour, opinions and character. Everyone is flawed but we all have superior qualities. Over time, you’ll find calmness in ignoring stupid passing comments that don’t need your attention. Good luck x

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Ritu @anonymous123123

But what about the people who are close to me? I try to make them understand,I try to pour my heart out so that they can understand my point and they can Know what I feel. But despite of my every effort,they are still at the same point where they make their own opinion about me and treat me likewise. What should I do then?


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