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I’m tired of being stuck in the same cycle every year I feel like as soon as new year rolls around. I’m like I am going to change this year. I’m going to accomplish my goals. I am going to change and get healthier but every single year the same
Cycle happens when January and February rolls by and I’m like you know what I still have time and then I do nothing all year until it’s the end of the year and then I’m like you know what I’m just gonna wait till next year to start my goals and I am just so tired of that cycle. It is so tiring to be stuck and no matter how hard I try I just can’t get out of it and I was starting to realize that all these here I just have so much emotional but I’ve just been stuck on survival mode

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Everyone go through this so it’s fine even you made little process then it’s good coz you are trying not just sitting and dreaming about it

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Shashank @iamshashank

Whatever your goal is…i suggest you to take an unplanned step towards it…do not worry about the month or a year…Just take that one step…

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Fucked up

pooja sharma @ramit

Nobody is permanent with you... Finally , You are the only oRead more
My life sucks 😭

rinu rajan @dew17

Life is very mean.....
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kartik @kartik_7_

Shit is so fucked up!!!

Bunny Singh @brainy_orange

Everything sucks
I hope life isn't a joke, coz I don't get it anyway 🙄🤔

Abc You @immense_garage

Life sucks!