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I’m tired of being judged.
I’m tired of having to be motivated.
I’m tired of doing work.
I’m tired of having high expectations.
I’m tired of stressing over work.
I’m tired of my computer.
I’m tired of being expected to do well.
I’m tired of my facade.
I’m tired of my life.

I still need to fit in.
I still need to be motivated.
I still need to do work.
I still need to have high expectations.
I still need to stress over work.
I still need to have friends.
I still need to use my computer.
I still need to be expected to better.
I still need to keep up my facade.
I still need to live life.

I want to forget about my problems.

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BiniBini @binibini

People’s judgements are short lived. They really dont care
Motivation only gets you to start something, not keeping doing it
Take a break. Be courageous and make a change
Have no expectations. That’s the cause of sadness. Take life as it is
Get away from your computer every 25 minutes for 5 minutes
Do as per your paygrade
Drop the facade. At least be real to your self
Life is priceless. Dont let it go waste

Think of them not as problems, but like little side quests for your game and certain stuff you have to collect along the journey

Btw i like your thoughts and how you write them. i’d like to read more of what you create


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