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I’m thinking more and more about suicide. I wake up in pain from head aches everyday from being so miserable. Therapist doesnt even contact me. I’m so angry at everything…no point in trying to be positive…mother always said I’d have bad-luck…guess it’s true. I’m an angry, miserable mess. I just want to end it.

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Dhadkan @angel14

Hey there I’m a listener at 7 cups…😇. We listeners are ur frnds…🤗. Do u need any help 🌈. Anytime u want u can talk to there or any other social media…for your support .
I’m just a normal human trying to be frnds wid others n help them…so feel free to talk to me 😇😇😇🙏

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Neo @neo_

Even I also thinking about suicide many times.


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