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I’m the sort of person who’s not really attached to people. I don’t feel about my family the way other people do. There’s no sense of attachment per se for me. There is comfort in the sense that I have it easy and everything I want is provided for but there is nothing more than a feeling of gratefullness.

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Anant @anant

Hi there. I resonate with you on not really getting attached to people very easily. I used to earlier. But then I went through some bad experiences where i was naive enough to trust people. I don’t anymore.

Cristen @cristen

I relate to you. I am 19 and I live with my parents and I do love them but I don’t think I have an attachment for them like other people my age do. It sounds harsh and bad to say it but its the truth. Maybe because they don’t understand me that well?


Atleat u hav a feeling of gratefullness, i dont even hav that


i feel in the truest sense, everyone is like that because even in the absence of that one person that we thought we were attached to, we continue to live life. but i also feel fondness comes from grateful ness, so at least that is good. so maybe you don’t feel attached to family because maybe they didn’t make any real efforts to connect with you in that sense .


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