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M @mm59

I’m talking to this guy and he’s super cute and everything but we live in different countries and I can’t stop thinking maybe he’s taking with other girls and that’s dumb because we’re just “friends” that flirt but, idk, I’d like to know the boundaries of all this but I don’t want to look like I care a lot in case he doesn’t

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Azhar @ft_azhar

this happened w/ me 2. i met a girl in a game & she was nice we beacme frnds use to call each other but as time passed i was worried bt wat if she has a bf or wat might she be doing to whom she might be talking. so its normal when u like sum1 u feel insecure. my advice is jus dat dont rush anything jus go w/ d flow deepen ur frndship or maybe ask him directly like i did & it turned out well.


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