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That Girl @iamdestiny

I’m talking to a guy and her daughter walks by his bedroom I came over at night and she says crying to her dad that’s not fair can you please leave and she’s crying she lost her mom recently and she’s like 13 and I feel like leaving but he doesn’t want me to idk what to do please help. I’m in his house now… I feel selfish staying

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I think you should first try to make bond with the child
She recently lost her mother due to which she’s not stable she needs someone close and maybe she couldn’t bond that way with her dad

Navneeth @navneeth

I think it takes time to accept a new person when someone is grieving over a lost parent …I think you have to slowly build up and rapo ,with time she is gonna start liking you …there is no doubt in that .So I think all you have to do is give it some time …things are gonna get clear .

Navneeth @navneeth

Up the rapo *

Seenu Darling @elated_eye


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