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I’m super anxious, hurt and angry because of my past trauma that occurred for 10 years 5 years ago. My antidepressants have finished so I’m kinda stuck feeling this way. For the first time ever I’ve started to think about suicide.

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Hey, you can talk to me. Tell me what’s bothering you. You can share your feelings. And I don’t think suicide is good for anything. There maybe things you wanted to do and there is so much time, you can try learning something new, cook something.


How do I stop caring about the people who severely hurt and abused me? I keep reliving in the past and thinking about how they won and I lost.


Sharing a burden will make it lighter
pls talk to me


do you have Facebook or Instagram

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I wanna be the sexy villain that everyone fears !!!
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My relationship has gone through one heck of a ride. Most of which is on my plate. Gave in to parents pressure and got married 3years back to a complete stranger, leaving my then Read more

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Who's filipino here? im a girl btw
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