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I’m struggling with some words of advice I hear often; to always be grateful for what you have; use what you’ve got. They both have the same ideas that you are to be happy with what you have …don’t compare yourself to others though it is hard not to… I do find I am getting better at this than I used to be. However, there are some things that I find challenging as an adult struggling to get by.

I am grateful to have a roof over my head, that I pay rent for, as I see many, albeit young men begging on the streets. My first thought is that I pity them but then think about how I work for what little I have …and these people look well and able-bodied to me that I often don’t give handouts. However, this can also be seen as to be thankful for what I have …it can be worse I suppose…but then how do I know when to move past what I have …to want more and I know I have to put the work in to get more but they always say be grateful for what you have? I know in my present circumstances that I cannot attain more without having more money. I would love a bigger space and place with new landlords or possibly save to buy a house .but that cannot be fine with my present income. I cannot stand to live under landlords who have treated me so poorly, with a pest issue that was not my doing…but helped yo maintain control of which was not even my responsibility to do, but there’s…but also I don’t have a lease and can be kicked out with a no fault eviction. As I’ve come to find out due to me trying everything in my power to leave and protect my space by involving the local health department. I cannot afford a higher rent, as it currently stands around my area, which also don’t want any pets…but my cat is considered an emotional support animal. I suppose I could try to find a job or jobs to supplement me finding a better living arrangement…but I also need a new vehicle in two months before my inspection …things just don’t seem to be looking hot that I may find myself a bigger with someone pitying me …but I won’t let myself fall into that However hard it may be anxiety, depression and all. Yet sometimes I secretly wish I was pretty enough or something to find love and live with someone jointly for financial help …and also company…just saying honestly… But I know I can’t be that way … I live alone and must fight for what I have on my own …but I’m tired of feeling taken advantage of. And when I fight I’m the one who pays the price somehow …which weekend my spirit…and feels more like acceptance than true gratitude.

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Adulting as it is. I had a time also that I wish I could have an answer on what-to-do when I face challenges and problems in life. Before, when I was still a university student, my mindset was to accept all pressure and make it an opportunity to improve oneself. But student life were verrryyyyyy far than being an adult where working is our top priority, being idle is not an option, we need to work hard for us to tend our living expenses. But as they say, we must have a work-life balance. But how can we live our life to the fullest if we need financial support for us to feel stable. That’s why I wish there would be such a manual that could tell us what to do and what to avoid. Elders live their life twice, thrice as me but their advices are so far from what I wanted to hear.
I feel you sir/maam! I dont have any words to say for you feel at ease and a solution for your problem but I just want you to know that I also feel the same way as you feel.


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