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im stressed out i feel like my emotions r drained out i dont wanna meet people i dont wanna talk i wanna break myself away from my family and friends my heart is so noisy and my mind is unclear im tiredโ€ฆi cry everyday sometimes just sad but without reasons

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Hi dearโ€ฆthis feeling is difficult but I am sure there must be things which brought u hereโ€ฆ Try to find out accept themโ€ฆor take some break from thingsโ€ฆstop putting expectations to everything may be u feel better and free thenโ€ฆ If I use my phone a lot it will drain n need some charging but if I donโ€™t do that I will never be able to use it so as with our body and mind we need to charge it with good feeling s and positivityโ€ฆit must be tough to find positivity when u r stuck at home, work is not gud family or frnds are not able to supportโ€ฆ But may be just going for a walk, getting a pet, making your favorite music playlist, cleaning your room, taking a long shower, wearing different clothes than usual makes you feel little charged up

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Never give up @ava


Your heart is very cleaned and youโ€™re so alone if you want and make a separate place where you want to be and if you can make sketches or write diary then please do that it will help you and write all emotions then tear them may be it will help you.


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