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Im sorta scared im gonna be judged for this, so im going annonymous. Im dating this boy, I have known him for 4 years, he dated one of my old friends from when she lived in vegas which is where they met and now they both live in my state, he lives a while away tho. we have never met in person, but weve facetimed, texted, called for that amount of time. we barley ever talk tho, he never answers my calls anymore, we have liked eachother on and off for a few yrs but finally started dating so idk… hes pretty toxic but we have a good connection and ive known him forever. i feel silly. im 15, hes 15 too.

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We’ll, honey, if u know he’s toxic, then u should question why u are still dating him, especially if he doesn’t answer ur calls. I’m not much of a call kind of person, but my boyfriend and I call each night just to have each other on the phone. I don’t really trust long distance relationships if I’ve never seen the person, but everyone’s different. I get how u feel tho.


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