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im some how missing my grandfather alot today

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4 replies

I’m sorry

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

I’m sorry. You have every right to feel low and miss him. Just remember that in life you must still keep carrying on without letting things bring you down!

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Missing someone you love is pretty common no matter the time . I never met granddad , he passed away before i was born . I only had my grandma who passed away when i was 12 , i am 18 right now and i still miss her

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

I came across this post on a day when I’m going through the same! I miss my grandfather a lot too. He was the best. I wish he could see how much I’ve grown up. I believe wherever our grandparents are, they are looking out for us❤️


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