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I’m so tired of the loneliness that I’ve been dealing with from the past two and a half years maybe and now it’s like even if i have people to whom i know i can reach out to , it just feels so overwhelming , i always feel like a burden so i always stepback from the details or digging deep and now there’s simply nothing that can fill that void of loneliness in my chest , no matter what! No matter how many good people , caring humans i meet , i always always feel lonely.

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You meet people and then you meet that close friend. This friend could be your partner or may be not. But this one “closest” friend is one who would be there for you and would help you rid of your loneliness. You may revert his/her act by being their closest friend
But it’s not easy finding one. Its a journey and you never know when you will find one. You should never ever stop looking for one. But when found dont let go.

Aakifah @kifah

You are not alone
I am here for you
If you want to talk about anything I will always be a text away




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