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I’m so tired… i cant even sleep… all of my time goes to my fiancée i do everything for her to make her happy… she goes out with her friends drink i never say a word i just wait for her to come back … i need to move to LA i left here to search for a place and on my way back i texted her call me when ur home she said “i probably won’t be” i got back i fell asleep and she called just to say “i rather sleep with someone who is actually here and not you” and hung up… when she called next morning we were talking and i brought up what she said and she was like yea you are always busy… you do nothing for me etc… and if sleeping with someone else will get me someone who gives me time and enjoys their time with me than why not… i broke up with her but her bday is tomorrow and it’s tearing me apart not being with her😣 i dont know what to do

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I have been through this hell never ever go back her bday will come every year but dont u waste ur emotions on her…


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