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I’m so stressed right now which causes me to procrastinate from doing all the assignments that I need to do.

I experienced a burnout during my past semester, had a 1 week break after that semester finished and started my internship after that week passed. As for my internship, it wasn’t a pleasure experience either. The environment was toxic.

When I finished my internship on Friday, I got into the next semester on Monday. I only got two days break. My university system got us into the new semester 5 weeks later compared to other students.

The first week was fine. There’s no assignment given but the pressure was real. Our lecturers rushed us because we’re 5 weeks late. I don’t really like the way things are because I think it shouldn’t be like this in the first place. How can I strive when I was burnout? I don’t even have time for healing.

My ADHD was a problem too. I think it’s my main problem here. I had a lot of assignments. I started one early but because I’m facing a problem with that, I can’t start the next one. I can only do it if the previous one was finished.

If you’re reading this, please tell me your opinion on my situation and what would you do if you were in my shoes.

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Erhan @erhan

First I would analyze my situation, as you did, very well actually, that’s a good sign
Then I would find out what’s the main problem here causing the burnout, ofc there are a lot of things that are working together in the direction of the burnout and mental draining, one of the them might be poor time management, unnecessary scrolling of social media, comparing yourself to others, focusing on past and future rather than the present, Actually ADHD happens when you are not living in the present, or not facing the situation and finding some escape mechanism like sleeping, over eating, spending too much time on social media, daydreaming etc
The best solution is meditation
Even if it’s 5 min a day
Also you need to try other things like changing your environment, taking enough sunlight, staying away from people or posts or books or anything that emotionally drains you
Also a random fact that people with this mental illness tend to have higher IQ than normal people :D
I hope these be helpful to you also ignore the typos if any


Thank you for the reply! I start to take my mediation seriously after reading your post. I used to have my daily meditation but I ignored it because of my current burnout. Also thank you for your words regarding ADHD. I start to mingle back with the ADHD community to learn more about it after your words because it’s positive.

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Erhan @erhan

Sometimes all we need is a lil push :)
I’m proud of you! Keep going!


Thank you! 🥺


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